The Friends Need You!



Time commitment:

  • one meeting per month on the 2nd Wednesday at 7pm
  • 2-3 hours per month (sometimes less)

Type of involvement:

  • Work with others on fun projects/events to help raise funds for the library
  • Help with annual book sale
  • Assist with annual silent auction


  • Support the library
  • Have fun and meet great people
  • Give back to the community

If you’re interested, please contact or leave your information at the front desk of HTFL. We can’t wait to work with you!

April Minutes

Friends of the Haverford Township Free Library
April 13, 2013

Present: Janae Alberts, Nicole Bruno, Christine Faris, Angela Gasparro, Vickie Godomski, Roger Jack, Paul Kinney, Gerry Radack, Richard Romejko, Stephen Schweers, Nikki Senecal, Tim Woestman

Absent: Katrine Fantini, Patti McFadden

Meeting called to order: 6:25

All reports were accepted.

Vickie showed us the new membership form.

Nominations Committee presented this slate:

Vickie Godomski, president

Janae Alberts, vp

Patti McFadden, treasurer

Nicole Bruno, secretary

We will have to announce voting on Patch, blog, FB before the May 8th meeting. A question was raised that in the future we may wish to make an event of voting to get members to attend.

By-laws were discussed. Richard said the structure was always meant to be “loosey-goosey” but there are things we aren’t doing that we say we (will) do. The by-laws may need some tweaks. We will establish a committee to address this.

Director’s Report:

HTFL connection going out, will highlight Friends membership drive, coffee tasting, garden tour, beach bag book sale, and May 8 meeting.

Gala 10/26 at McCall—masquerade theme.

Thanks for the mobile computer lab. The staff is being trained on its use soon. Very exciting.
Sound system will be installed in April.

Membership Drive: every day is covered. Please double check the schedule and sign up to work if you haven’t. The materials for the drive will be stored in the basket.

Garden Tour: Four gardens are secured plus the “Triangle” Garden at Darby Road. There is another community garden that will be included. We should be fine for gardens. We will need everyone to host gardens. Preview will be Friday before and the Grange is hosting the post-event gathering. Can we make tickets available online? Nicole will make the button. Roger will create a new page. Stephen has photographs.

New Business:

Stephen Schweers went to a gathering of Friends groups.

  • Most have smaller memberships than we do; though one group has 700 members.
  • Delco Library Wesbite has Reference USA where you can download 50 names and addresses at a time and search by population and zip code to find residents. Also lists monthly new home sales
  • Promotional materials can be sent bulk for .17 each. (Lots of people expressed displeasure having experienced organizing bulk mailings by zip code.)
  • Fundraiser ideas: costume jewelry sale (run like book sale) raised $3000; another group did the same with handbags and raised a similar amount.
  • The group is planning on quarterly meetings and Stephen said it would be worth attending.

Please promote the Garden Sale.

DCLS district meeting. Saturday, April 27. We must have representatives attend. Roger and Vickie volunteered.

Nicole suggested a gaming tournament as a fundraiser with WII bowling: late fall/winter.

Should we donate to the After prom party for Haverford? No

Adjourned: 7:28

Next meeting: 5/8/13

February Minutes

Friends of the Haverford Township Free Library
February 13, 2013

Present: Janae Alberts, Nicole Bruno, Katrine Fantini, Christine Faris, Angela Gasparro, Vickie Godomski, Roger Jack, Paul Kinney, Patti McFadden, Gerry Radack, Richard Romejko, Stephen Schweers, Nikki Senecal, Tim Woestman

Absent: none!

Guests: Anny Laepple

Meeting called to order 6:19.

The meeting began with a raucous discussion of membership. How might we retain members? The suggestion was made for discounting for two year members. Stephen Schweers argued vigorously that we need to attend summer events and not just pitch membership but “guilt” people into it. “This event might not be here without membership.”

If we raise prices or offer higher categories—like Radnor—what do we offer? Most people pay at $25-50 level. Would higher prices inhibit book sellers? Do we care?

People don’t understand the Friends and what membership does. We need to be able to offer something to Friends—lower prices to paid events. Other organizations have Friends groups—opera, symphony—why do people not get it? Is it because we are partially funded by government?

Membership drive to coincide with Library Week—April 14.

Up membership prices? Motion to raise membership by $5 did not carry. A group will meet to create a proposal of new membership levels. (Nicole Bruno, Katrine Fantini, Vickie Godomski)

We need to have clear Friends events. What do we want as perks for members? Friends exclusive events for $400-500 we could have the zoo or Franklin Institute or a musical program. Not only will Friends be allowed, but people will be encouraged to *Join Today!*

The Library turns 80 in May.

January reports—minutes, treasurer’s, and membership–were approved and accepted.

Garden Tour: Still seeking gardens. Have people contact Angela Gasparro. Event June 8.

Flower Fundraiser: We started raising $150 now we are up to $886. Becoming one of our more significant fundraisers. When we put it on Facebook, sales take off. Janae will email with details for the spring sale.

Director’s Report: Library consultant has been hired. We should give input about what we want to see. How the library should progress in the next 5, 10, 15 years.

Mobile Learning Lab: Anny answered questions about why we’d get Mac products over PC.

  • Technology consultants suggested Apple products
  • No IT professional on staff
  • Ease of updating
  • Ideal for students and seniors
  • Can provide more creative classes (photo editing, music, movies)
  • Software for photo editing, music, movies comes with computers

Community organizations (Adult School, et al) want to do computer classes but cannot do it at the schools. (Some sites are blocked at the schools.)

The library has raised $6500 for this project. Original proposals requested $25 for 19 computers. The library has created additional proposals for a smaller number of computers. $10K for 12 computers. Gave $10,000.

Business Sponsorship: Very excited by the response! $4300 raised so far. Anticipating $1500 from organizations that give at the end of the year. Goal of $8000, double last year’s gifts. Receiving a lot of $100 sponsors. Giving “swag bags.” Request that we make follow up phone calls.

Library Wish List

  • Two DVD racks $770 to house instructional DVDs
  • Sponsor lockers for staff $832.90
  • Sonic Wall network security upgrade $1080
  • Replace antennas for wirelesss (2 @ 1000)


Passed unanimously.

Publicity Committee Working on annual report. (Great job, Stephen!) Website changes, please check.

Will we be able to make it so that people can buy Garden Tour tickets on website? Look into it.

Next meeting: 3/13/13

Annual Report for 2012

The Board has released the Annual Report for 2012.

We raised over $21,000 in 2012! Here is how some of the money was used:

  • Summer Reading program for kids, teens, and adults
  • Library celebration sponsorship
  • Mobile computing learning lab
  • Sendak opening reception
  • Sound system for two floors of the library
  • Movie license for First Friday Flicks
  • Laminator for posters and signs around the library

Below is the complete Annual Report in PDF format:

Friends of the HTFL 2012 Annual Report.pdf

Our deepest thanks to everyone who contributed!