Drink Pouch Brigade Giveaway

Thanks to Chatham Park’s very large first shipment of drink pouches, we received points from TerraCycle as well as earned multiple entries into the Drink Pouch Brigade Giveaway Contest….and are excited to announce that WE WON!

Thank you Capri Sun for the drink pouch pencil cases and a storage bin to help with our collections. Without your sponsorship for the Drink Pouch Brigade, this opportunity to raise money for our local library would not be possible.

We also want to thank Chatham’s principal, Sara Christianson, for allowing Trash to Ca$h into her school. And we want to send out a very SpEcIaL thank you to the dedication and persistence of the Cafeteria Manager, Natalie Torpey, and Head Custodian, Denise Pelka, for making sure that all drink pouches are placed into the Trash to Ca$h can! Trash to Ca$h wouldn’t be a success without these wonderful people!

Trash to Ca$h Large Shipment
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