I have to admit I am loathe to post this and knock the $100,000 post from the top of the blog. It’s such a large, lovely number. Congratulations again to all the Friends.

I cooked this at the behest of Facebook Friends looking for one pot, hearty soups for the winter. Even though we’re experiencing some spring right now, it was still winter when I made this. You should definitely keep it in mind for when the cold returns, whether that be in seven days or seven months!

This recipe calls for quick cooking barley, which I could not find at two local supermarkets. I precooked the barley. This worked fine but it meant I needed almost twice as much liquid called for in the recipe. Also if you are like me and automatically think “stew beef” when you are making soup, recalibrate yourself for this recipe–it definitely needs a beef that can survive quick cooking.

As you can see from the photo, this soup has loads of good vegetables and wholesome grains, in addition to the beef. With just a few ingredients to prepare, it was quick and easy–and it would be even quicker if you could find the right barley! My husband enjoyed it, saying that it was hearty and had nice layers of flavor. I’m not a beef lover, but I did enjoy this one. There’s a sprinkling of thyme in it that seems to work so wonderfully with the veggies.

Cooking with Your Friends: Dad’s Beef Barley Soup
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