Due to popular demand, I sought out hearty, cold-weather foods for this week’s recipe. Indiana Pantry Soup, which calls for five pounds of potatoes, seemed like exactly the right recipe to tackle in the face of the monster storm predicted for Wednesday.

It’s super easy to put together with many ingredients that you probably have on hand: bacon, onions, celery, potatoes, and milk. (No need to fight the crowds at the grocery store!) After I peeled five pounds of potatoes, the soup came together quickly.

A better description of this dish might be mashed potato soup. (I don’t know that much about Indiana.) It was very hearty and sustaining–just the thing for filling up before you head out to chip away the ice in the driveway or for warming up after such work. The bacon imparts a smokiness, and I added celery salt to enhance the celery flavor. (I also tried to dress up my shot of the soup with a few celery leaves which quickly wilted; a food photographer, I am not!)

I like really bold flavors in my food, and this didn’t really fit the bill. (Maybe that’s the Indiana part?) I added a handful of sharp cheddar, which added a good kick. I’d guess this soup would be perfect for kids, but adults who like a little more zing could add anything you’d use to dress up a baked potato: salsa, hot sauce, garlic, or even ham. Of course, that would take it out of the realm of the pantry.  Either way, this soup will fill you up and keep you warm!

Cooking with Your Friends: Indiana Pantry Soup
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