This post is part of series where I–or someone–will cook each recipe in Cooking with Your Friends, the cookbook compiled by the Friends of the Haverford Township Free Library, and review it.

There’s no photograph for this one. Unfortunately, things fell apart.

As I mentioned in the last post, “I fumbled dessert.” The pizza begins with a prepared sugar cookie dough that is baked as one large cookie. I baked mine on a pizza stone as per the instructions. The top of the cookie stayed gooey and the bottom eventually began to burn. I rescued it before it was too far gone. When I tried to remove the cookie from the stone, it broke apart.

The good thing about serving your family is that they are pretty forgiving. It was supposed to look like pizza, but it was served in dessert bowls. I crumbled the cookie, dolloped on the cream cheese mixture that serves as “sauce”, diced the apples, and drizzled in some caramel.

Everyone said it was tasty. These are not people who blow smoke; if it was bad, they would have said so. My sister has a real sweet tooth, but my husband likes his sweets a little less sweet. Both enjoyed this. My niece ate it although she was put off that I was serving “pizza” for dessert. (I really thought this would have “kid appeal;” go figure.) Still, the flavors are good, so I’d anticipate this being a big hit for you. Especially if you can bake a cookie without burning it; I’m sure Tom Mininno, who contributed the recipe, manages it much better than I did.

I’d like to try it again some day so I went online to see if there were variations to this recipe. Almost all of them told you to bake the cookie on a pizza pan; I’ll definitely do this next time. There was one recipe that called for adding 1/4 cup of flour into the prepared sugar cookie dough. We’ll see if I need to vary the recipe that much.

Cooking with Your Friends: Taffy Apple Pizza