Cooking With Your Friends: Easy Flounder Roll-ups

Alright, everyone flip to page 118 for today’s recipe – Easy Flounder Roll-Ups submitted by Becky O’Hara. My husband and I are huge seafood fans and especially huge fans of recipes with the word “easy” in them. 🙂

After gathering all the ingredients, I realized that we had to cook the rice first. Ugh. So we waited while the white rice cooked, about 20 minutes (unfortunately, no minute rice for me!). Once that was done, the rest really was easy. It was quite a feat to fit all the veggies and such onto the flounder to roll it up, but I tried.

Once I shoved as much as I could into the roll, I put it into a small round casserole dish and stuffed the extra stuffing around the edges which seemed to work just fine.

Half hour and 5 minutes later, this is what the casserole dish looked like.

The flounder cooked nicely and was perfectly done. We could’ve handled a bit more shredded cheese but the whole dish was nice and moist. Yum!!

Cooking With Your Friends: Artichoke-Prosciutto Gratin

I’ve always been uncertain – how do you pronounce prosciutto? It is “pro-shoot-o”? Or “pro-shoot”? Either way, this recipe is a super easy and delicious Sunday dinner, especially when the temperature outside doesn’t even cross the freezing mark. 

First the pros:
There aren’t very many ingredients and they are fairly inexpensive.

Besides the cutting board, it’s a one bowl dish. Overall, it takes about 15 minutes to prepare and the oven does the rest!

The cons:
Probably only happens to me – my oven is not very reliable and didn’t stay at the proper temperature the whole time so the dish could’ve been a bit warmer for my taste. But obviously if you have a better working oven than mine, you should have no problems. Also, I felt like it was a smidge salty but that’s to be expected when you combine prosciutto, gorgonzola and canned artichokes.

All in all, served with some warm bread and a garden salad on the side, this dinner makes a fantastic weekday dinner when you’re in need of something quick. So if you haven’t tried it yet, flip to page 79 and dig in!